What’s the Deal with Google Glass?

March 12, 2013 | In: Technology


Google Glasses (or Google Glass) are not futuristic ideas; they really exist. Google Glass (Google also calls it, Project Glass) is basically a smartphone that allows you to do everything hands-free. According to Google’s Co-founder Sergey Brin, the device is a glasses frame without lenses which displays information literally before a user’s eyes. The tiny camera that’s attached to the frame allows people to send video or pictures of what they’re seeing to other people wirelessly which allows them to see your world as you live it. You tell Google Glass to do things such as record a video, call someone, get directions, ask to translate, or take a picture, plus much more.

Here is the Google video that shows what Google Glass does.


Is Google Glass a cool innovative idea?

Getting Google Glass to the mass will be a challenge especially since it’s not an Apple product. Some of the reasons may be:

Geeky Look

Let’s face it; wearing Google Glasses is not the most attractive thing. Some say they look geeky or that it might look weird wearing it. As petty as it sounds, getting society to change behavior is very difficult and given this new form factor, it is of utmost importance. An obvious path is to market to people’s vanity, and using a marketing strategy that focuses more on a fashion accessory rather than an information device. Perhaps they should come in different styles and colors to appeal to individuals.


Too Much Technology

At first glance Google Glass may seem like a cool idea, but after some more research one can’t help but wonder if we really need technology right in our eyeballs? These days we are connected to technology all day long and it seems normal because we all do it, but do we really need Facebook or YouTube literally right before our eyes? Besides how do you wear them if you already wear corrective eyewear?


Safety and Security

Do these glasses expose people to even more radiation right in their faces? Some people still worry about cancer causing cell phone radiation.  Also, wearing these glasses while driving may not be allowed in some countries, as well as wearing them at school, a bank or other facilities. Will your boss let you wear them at work all day?



The price tag of $1,500 is not something many people are willing to pay. In order to compete with smartphones, Google would have to sell the glasses in the $300 price range.


This device is too easy to steal. Take a walk around any city and realize how easy it would be to steal the sunglasses any person you see wearing them. They are not in bags or pockets – they just sit on peoples’ noses. Now realize that each of those sets is worth more than $1,000. People would literally yank them off your face!


Down the road, Google Glasses could become the next big thing in technology if Google finds great marketing strategies. Perhaps they’ll hire some icons to wear them. Sports, music and film celebrities like to promote new gadgets. Headphones used to be a geeky thing to wear until Apple introduced the iPod. These days many people wear Dre Beats as an accessory rather than a device and then of course we have advertising agencies that should be able to attract the mass with some clever logos, commercials, and ads.

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