Facebook saturation? Should Zuckerberg be worried?

September 13, 2012 | In: Technology

Facebook saturation? Should Zuckerberg be worried?

It’s no shocker that the popularity of Facebook has been declining since the last couple of years. Many industry specialists, who have predicted that Facebook might have finally reached its saturation, feel that users have many reasons now to drift away from this popular networking webpage.

The introduction of the Facebook Timeline, a stalker’s best friend, combined with the thousands of ads and unnecessary app invitations, has forced many users to delete their accounts from the famous social networking website. Many people also feel Facebook is a like an addictive virtual tabloid, where they often waste precious time that could have used for doing something productive.

 Sadly for Facebook, their growing unpopularity has worked in favor for its competitors. Based on downloads, the Facebook iPhone app is no longer the most popular mobile social networking app in many Asian countries today. In fact, it was observed that Instagram had more downloads than Facebook, and apps such as Twitter, Skype, and Whatsapp were also popular amongst users.

From being the most dominant social networking website worldwide in 2011, Facebook has now been surpassed by its competitors when it comes to mobile app downloads in 2012. Upon comparison between 2011 and 2012, Australia has shifted loyalties from Facebook to Viber, Kakao Story is more popular in Korea, and in China, QQ and WeChat were downloaded more than Facebook.

 And so, it comes down to this: should the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, be worried about his website’s falling popularity worldwide? Yes and No. Yes, because it looks like Facebook has run out of innovation and become more like a money-making stalker’s paradise. Not only has this made the website “creepy” according to many users, but also increased insecurities amongst them. This has led many of them to turn “anti-Facebook”, and flock to other competing networking websites.

 What has been keeping Zuckerberg content all this while is that Facebook still remains to be the number one social networking website in the world, with the most number of total users, active users, and highest engagement compared to any other social networking website. It was also the first social networking website to be on the Stock Exchange.

Only time will tell us whether Facebook will overcome their weaknesses and withstand their number one position during the upcoming rainy days.

by Lavina Israni


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