Dubai’s Youth Event of the Year 2012!

October 29, 2012 | In: Entertainment

You can’t miss this youth event if you are you a born leader! Do you fit into the elite youth category? Are you full of ambition, at university and aged 18 – 26? If your answer is yes then you have a fantastic opportunity to get noticed and prove your leadership skills at this unique youth event created just for you! The International Youth Leadership Conference is the only youth event of its kind in your city!
As more and more of our students and graduates have early ambitions to become young leaders this special youth event is taking place here for a second time. The placements are open to all graduates and those at top universities and also to students from all over the globe. This youth event also offers students to exchange their ideas and thoughts on the challenges our future world leaders will face as global harmony becomes increasingly difficult. Well, you are the elite gen y who will be our future world leaders.
2nd International Youth Leadership Conference
The event lasts for one week and will encourage participants from our skilled Dubai youth sector to especially take the time to listen to their fellow students and gain understanding of the different cultures from the rest of the GCC states and other regions of the world. Over the week, this unique youth event will also teach foreign students about the Arab, Islamic and Middle East cultures.
There are chances for everyone to use their leadership skills by delivering talks about global differences, having debates on current affairs, making decisions, and coming up with strategic solutions. The main benefit that makes this a major youth event is that some amazing ideas will develop between this intelligent, responsible, stimulating group of future young leaders.
Simulations will commence re-creating various important official meetings including, an Arab League discussion, a United Nations crisis session, and a typical Shariah court hearing. The idea is to bring the students into real practice of the theories they study at university provoking interactions and different dialogues giving them a valuable inter-cultural experience.
Dubai Jumeirah Beach
The event will take place at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for cultural understanding. The whole process will open minds and hopefully enhance relationships between all the nationalities of Dubai by educating the group in the customs, religion and culture of the U.A.E.
Be a part of Dubai’s famous youth event for a leadership skills adventure of a lifetime! November 24th – 29th 2012.

Written by Karim Hachani exclusively for Youth2Marketing the only youth marketing agency focusing on the Dubai youth sector, bringing them up to date informative and interesting topics about various associated news and views.

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