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February 26, 2013 | In: Business
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Content Marketing

Content marketing is a term that has been gaining huge popularity for several months now. For online marketers, content marketing has become the new form of creating a business. According to y2m; a Dubai advertising agency, content is one of the fastest growing sectors in marketing and a large number of marketers are relying more than ever on their tactics to accomplish online success.

But what exactly is content marketing? Below are some answers to this popular strategy.

Q: What is the purpose of content marketing?

y2m:  Content marketing is pretty much straightforward.  When an advertising company delivers relevant, high-quality, and valuable information to customers and prospects, it can ignite reader interest, attract new customers, produce relevant leads, and further brand awareness.

Q: What does online content marketing consist of?

y2m:  Content marketing consists of articles, blogs, newsletters, whitepapers, eBooks, webinars, podcasts, webcasts, sales emails, and more. Companies use content marketing to attain different types of goals for their businesses. Many advertising agencies are interested in generating leads, increasing direct sales and brand awareness, and preserving current customer relationships.

Q: What is the most popular form of a marketing strategy?

y2m: Article posting is the most popular method. Nearly 80% of content marketing derives from articles, followed by social media with 74%, and blogs with 65%.

Q: What is the number one goal of content marketing?

y2m: Most advertising agencies utilize content marketing for brand awareness followed by customer acquisition.

Q: What is the keystone to successful content marketing?

y2m: Quality content. Just creating content isn’t enough. You need unique and exceptional content to stand out from the crowd.

Q: Is content marketing still on the rise?

y2m: Absolutely. Content marketing continues to be an integral tool for marketers; we are seeing more and more startup companies that focus on content marketing and that are building innovative and engaging ways to create content.

Q: Is the consumer demand for online marketing increasing geometrically?

y2m: Yes, think of the global adoption of mobile and social media. We all want content; not just on our computers anymore, but everywhere we go. According to JZ Analytics, a company conducting surveys, almost 90% of US internet users spend more than 11 hours absorbing online content per week at work or at home. This includes internet surfing, online video watching, and email checking. In addition, 54% of those polled said they devote at least 21 hours to digital content in any given week.

Q: What does the future entail for content marketing?

y2m: The future seems promising since everyone wants to wake up to some great content. In order to succeed we need to embrace and integrate specific strategies.


Content marketing is a key factor in establishing current and future consumer foundations.  According to a recent survey, 100% of advertising agencies use content marketing in their business when it comes to their marketing strategies. Out of those companies surveyed, more than 80% said they will increase their content marketing strategies in the near future.



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