Winter Fashion for our Dubai Youth !


Our fashion guru of the team here at YouthtoMarketing has been checking out the latest fashion trends for our Dubai Youth from tailored shirts to high street brands!


Great news for the female sector of our trendy Dubai youth culture as the ‘Dubai Bag’ is now in the Longchampstore in the Mall of Emirates. This beautiful collectors item is embossed with all things Dubai including the Burj Khalifa, a race horse, and Arabic writing. A great buy and a must have bag as it will only be available until it sells out, as only so many have been made, so grab the bag now!

We know you guys out there starting your careers are into looking the part so we’ve got a big tip where shirts are concerned! Dubai is well known for tailoring and shirts can be made to the standard of Saville Row for a price of DHS 145 at Satwa. We had a deep discussion about tailoring compared to high street at YouthtoMarketing and decided that a tailored shirt or two is must for our up and coming career motivated guys within our Dubai youth age group.

On a more high street level we just love Pull and Bear’s new winter collection!

They have a really cool selection of sweaters and the T-shirts are great for all seasons. We particularly think you will like the vintage appeal and they cost less than a good lunch so stock up now before they all fly off the shelves.

Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear (Photo credit: thinkretail)

Our YouthtoMarketing fashion tout was going to avoid Zara but just popped in for a sneak preview and was glad she did! Zara always has to be up there, and always is as they continue to offer stylish designs at affordable prices. They are always on top with the latest trends whether it’s for going out, work or everyday wear. Both men’s and women’s designs offer a work to going out outfit saving a trip home and plenty of designer looking items to update your wardrobe while being kind to your wallet!

I figured our trendy Dubai youth avoid TopMan so we put that on the list to see if there has been any major improvement this year and we got a huge surprise. TopMan has gone very urban and has a new edge. They have really gone to town this year and have a wide selection of great stuff from suits to casuals and especially the jeans! Worth checking out as it’s really good value and back to being on-trend!


A great topic and I will continue to keep you guys informed on what’s in season and in our top recommended stores to keep you all one step ahead in the fashion stakes! Written for YouthtoMarketing by Karim hachani



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