Why You Should Wait for the New Galaxy S4

January 17, 2013 | In: Technology
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Samsung Galaxy S IV

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched in May 2012 and it shortly became the most popular Android smartphone on the market. Considered by many the sole rival of Apple’s iPhone, the S3 has sold a smashing 30 million devices. With the new Galaxy S4 just around the corner, many people are wondering whether it’s better to wait for the new model instead of buying the S3.

Android fans do not have a fixed date for the launch of the S4 yet, but rumour has it the new Samsung phone will be released somewhere in May 2013. It has become quite a tradition for Samsung to launch their flagship device, i.e. the Galaxy, after their yearly standalone event. In fact, the growing anticipation for the S4 launching is actually similar to that accompanying Apple’s events, which is a visible change operated by Samsung’s marketing agency.

If the first version of the Galaxy S was well equipped with a 4-inch screen, the second generation had a screen of 4.27 inches. The latest model, the Samsung Galaxy S3, released last year, continued this trend with a screen diagonal of 4.8 inches. It is currently the largest model available in the Galaxy S family. In 2013, a new terminal should enrich this series. Probably called Samsung Galaxy S4, this future phone should continue this trend and feature a screen diagonal of 5 inches. The evolution of the Galaxy S series suggests that Samsung will continue in this way, especially as the group has demonstrated its ability to produce terminals with larger screen (the Galaxy Note features a 5.3-inch screen and Note 2 has 5.55 inches).

Galaxy S4, Samsung, advertising agency, marketing agency


The creative design team of the Korean manufacturer is expected to deliver a model featuring several improvements, so this is one of the main reasons for those looking to buy an Android phone this year to wait until the official release of the S4. According to recent rumours, the Android smartphone will receive a quadruple heart, featuring an Exynos SoC 2 GHz processor with 2 GB of RAM and a 13 megapixel camera.  If this processor is integrated into the S4, we can assume that Samsung will make an effort to reduce the size of the battery, thereby reducing the fineness of the smartphone and its weight while maintaining (or even gaining) autonomy. The screen is also subject to speculations, with talks of a 5 inch with a 1080 resolution model with a density of 440 points per pixel.

There are not (yet) any photos available for the S4, so the patience of Android fans in again put to the test. The advent of the iPhone 5 last year took the smartphone market to a new level and it is believed that Samsung will not lose the opportunity of counterattack with the release of the S4 in 2013. Whether you are looking for a new smartphone for personal use or for a powerful device to use at work, the S4 could be a good choice, so it is worth waiting the official unveiling prior to deciding which smartphone would suit you best.


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