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One of the essential elements of being in the advertising or marketing business is being up to date with all the newest social media trends. It goes without saying that the mobile web and all the services that come up with it are growing at a fast pace and you should make sure your marketing agency is not left behind. One of the most talked-about mobile video sharing services nowadays is Keek, which actually promises to take video sharing to a whole new level in the near future.

So what is Keek exactly?

To put it briefly, Keek is similar to Twitter, but instead of using a short text, you make a short video with your phone or webcam. This is called a “keek” and it is an excellent way of connecting and keeping in touch with friends or business partners. Whether you are interested in sharing funny videos and get comments for your friends or are looking for a simple way to make new business connections, Keek is something that is truly worth trying.

One of the perks of using Keek is that all videos are fully embeddable, so you can share them instantly on Facebook or Twitter, thus making them available to all your followers, even if they do not use this video sharing service. Let’s say you want all the existent clients of your advertising agency to see some of the latest developments of your business. All you need to do is create a “keek” and share it via all the social media tools you employ for your business. This kind of visibility is essential for a thriving business.

Getting Started with Keek

Using Keek should not be too difficult for anyone who is accustomed to platforms such as Twitter or YouTube. You can upload your 36-second video via your webcam or by downloading the Keek application for your smartphone. The application is available for both iPhone and Android and it can be downloaded for free.

After signing up for the service, you can visit your personal dashboard, which allows you to manage all your settings, preferences, keeks, comments, and notification. In a similar way to other social media services, you can set up your profile and personalize it to your heart’s content. Just like with Twitter, you can follow people and get followed in return. There is a 36-second cap on all videos, again similar to Twitter’s 140 characters limit.

Connecting with people via Keek

If you sign up with Keek and find out none of your friends are using it (yet), you shouldn’t worry you won’t get any feeds. This is where the Kluster function can be of help. Klusters are all about the latest trends and topics of discussion and Keek uses special algorithms to detect more and more topics of interest according to the specifics of your profile. You can check the real-time activity from the people you follow on “My Stream” and use the filtering systems offered by the service in order to determine what you want to see and what should be hidden.

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