Traditional Things to Do for the Dubai Youth!

December 18, 2012 | In: Entertainment

The other day at our youth marketing agency we discussed our youth activities available in Dubai that are relatively cheap but enjoyable while at the same time being interesting to our Dubai youth. After a long list of ideas, we came up with lots of youth activities based on action, cinema and shopping, but one of our team figured our Dubai youth would maybe like to do some more traditional stuff in their spare time. Everyone needs a reminder of our past traditions so we’ve come up with a few nice ideas below.




Dubai’s old town Bastakiya is a delightful area to wander around, with its original architecture a world away from what we have now and also houses the Dubai Museum. One of our team from our marketing agency took some time out and went for a nostalgic tour. He also found a lovely café called Basta Art Café inAl Fahidi Streetserving great tea and snacks really cheap he promises our Dubai youth will love.


Dubai is very lucky to be split by two by our lovely natural Dubai Creek. The Creek is steeped in history and our original wooden boats are still there capturing time gone by. Our Dubai youth should experience crossing the Creek in one of these boats with some friends to really enjoy this little step back in time. The team here at Youth to Marketing Agency felt this could be a nice way to spend a Friday afternoon away from studies or the office.


Bedouins Tent, dubai youth, Marketing agency, Desert safari

Bedouins Tent

Get some friends together and spend a night in a Bedouin tent in our desert. Arabian Nights Tours can organise a night including a BBQ and traditional music and dancing. Our Dubai youth will love this experience as it is so magical, plus you get to play lots of games under the stars. In the morning after a cooked breakfast you will get the chance to swim in one of the many deep rock pools in the mountains near Hatta. We think this is a perfect evening to celebrate a birthday in true traditional style.


Finally the day would not be complete with out a Shawarma our traditional dish that we know most of our Dubai youth really enjoy. Choose from tender lamb or chicken cooked with garlic, tomatoes and crunchy pickles with a special sauce all wrapped up in a soft pitta. Great food for on the go or go to town and head to one of our top hotels if you can afford it.


Youth activities for our Dubai youth don’t always have to be action packed, plus it’s nice to appreciate where we have come in this modern world. Next weekend I am going for a boat ride on the Creek followed by a Shawarma with a group of friends to enjoy a little time out of our crazy city. Wrote by Karim Hachani, exclusively for Youth to Marketing Agency Dubai, with the focus on our Dubai youth genre.

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