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Guerrilla marketing is nothing like the conventional means of marketing and advertising that we see all around us. With most of the advertisements revolving around celebrities and brand names, we often don’t see much of imagination or creativity with these ads. Guerrilla marketing utilizes unconventional mediums to send the message across the target audience. Most of the time, guerrilla marketing ads are produced on constrained budgets,  making marketing agencies  maximize their creativity and efforts with what resources they have, yet aiming for great impacts.

We have come up with the top 5 marketing agency ads that made good use of the Guerrilla tactics:

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Folgers Coffee


1. Folgers coffee – On your way!


Most of the time, an advertising agency uses graffiti or a unique style of stickers to grab people’s attention. Folgers coffee made good use of 3D graphics as well as smoke to give people a feel of what a Folgers cup of coffee is all about.


2. National Geographic – As real as it gets

Guerilla marketing techniques

Nat Geo Promotion

For years, Nat Geo has amazed us with their pictures, videos and documentaries all this while. This time they got right into the heart of the people by customizing a door of a bus to resemble a shark’s mouth.


3. 3M Security Glass – Now that’s confidence!

marketing agency, advertising agency, guerilla marketing techniques

3M Promotion

They wanted to prove a point and they did a good job!. The advertising agency showed

brilliant creativity and made ample use of public place to send the message right across to its audience.


marketing agency, advertising agency, guerilla marketing techniques

Amnesty International – Promotion

4. Amnesty International – Freedom is for everyone.

Many marketing tactics have been used in the past to create awareness among people for Human rights. With this guerrilla marketing advertisement, they made use of manholes as prison bars to showcase the distress of people who still don’t enjoy the joys of freedom.


5. Big Pilot watches -  A watch for everyday bus commuters

marketing agency, advertising agency, guerilla marketing techniques

Bog Pilot Watches

One of the most exciting areas to place an advertisement is in public transportation such as buses. This is not only catchy but a smart way of showing a brand off in a non intrusive manner.






Youth2Marketing is a youth marketing agency that has adopted guerrilla tactics to send across messages to  youth in the G.C.C. It is one of its kind and is considered as one of the best marketing agency Dubai has at the moment.

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