The Pavilion Dubai

The Pavilion Dubai – A picturesque escape for the artist within you

In the midst of our hectic professional and private lives, we often overlook the importance of connecting with our artistic and intellectual side. Many of us are interested in creative arts such as reading, writing, and painting, but yet we feel we haven’t found the perfect cozy spot to sip on our coffees and explore our imaginative minds.

 Fortunately, there is a place in Dubai that encourages and supports the work of local artists based in the community, and provides them with a place to grow and develop their artistic talents. Located in the posh locality of Emaar Boulevard stands a unique glass structure called The Pavilion. Founded in 2011, The Pavilion is a non-profit, contemporary space that comprises of two galleries, a café, a cinema, a library, and an outdoor space for shisha.

The Pavilion is undoubtedly, one of the best places in the city to work in peace and silence. The designers have decorated the interiors in a striking, artistic manner, using earthy elements such as wood, glass, water, and greenery. The decor is minimalistic, resulting in a lot of open space for free thinking and inspiration. These choices play a big role in creating a tranquil and welcoming environment for the guests; a place where they can forget the world and be their true selves.

What sets The Pavilion apart from the rest is the role it plays in encouraging and supporting the arts, something that is slowly losing its importance in our community. It is a modern hub for local and international artists to display, discuss, and contribute in a range of art events, which helps in promoting the work of the rising generation of artists in this region. Besides art exhibitions, The Pavilion is also a well-known spot for hosting book launches, artist talks, film screenings, workshops, and musical performances.

On a more personal level, The Pavilion is a great place for you to catch up on your favorite book, have a hearty chat with your friends, or even smoke shisha while you admire the extraordinary Burj Khalifa. Operated by a bunch of friendly staff members, there is a chic café with an interesting menu card comprising of items varying from a Lebanese Spinach Fatayer to an Italian Mushroom Risotto.

So, the next time you are looking to reconnect with your artistic self, or you need to get some important work done in peace, then you must head to The Pavilion for a pleasurable and productive experience. It is truly worth the visit!

Picture credits: The Pavilion Facebook page

by Lavina Israni


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