The Emirates Photography Competition is back!

The Emirates Photography Competition is back!

Art and its different forms of expression have always been valued, encouraged, and appreciated in this part of the world. Whether it’s traditional or digital art, there are numerous exhibitions, competitions, and programs held annually to honor and support local and international artists and talents.

One such platform is the Emirates Photography Competition (EPC), which is organized by the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture. The main aim of this competition is to develop the talent of photographers in the UAE, whether amateur or professional, and nurturing their talents. The 7th EPC is bigger and better than last year, and includes specialized workshops, interactive meetings, seminars, and exhibitions that will provide the participants with immense exposure and useful experience in the field.

Winning entry in 2011. Source: EPhotoC

Winning entry in 2011. Source: EPhotoC







Being one of the Middle East’s most renowned photographic events, the EPC is looking for entries that respect performance values and standards of photographic art, as well as the FIAP rules.  Each year, the competition has a main theme, and four additional themes. There is also a special category for young talent to showcase their work on a reputable platform.

What is really special about this competition is that entry is open to all photographers worldwide, amateur or professional, individual or a group. Photographers can participate in one or more themes, and can upload their entries online. A detailed list of the terms and conditions are uploaded on the EPC website.

This year, EPC pays tribute to Iraqi photographer Murad Al-Daghistani (1916-1982), who was a leading photographer of the Arab world. The theme of this year is “Cultural Reflections”, which focuses on Daghistani’s work and pays a tribute to his valuable contributions. The other themes are Nature, Macro, People, and Sports.

The 2012 EPC grand prize is AED 50,000, followed by AED 20,000 for the first price, AED 15,000 for the second prize, and AED 10,000 for the third price. The last chance to submit entries is 30 September 2012, followed by a meeting with the jury on 15 November 2012. Besides the monetary prize, the best photos will be compiled into a book that will be published in early 2013, and every participant will receive the book regardless of whether or not they win.

No matter where you reside, if you are a budding photographer looking for a respectable platform to display your work in, check out EPC’s website and submit your best photographs. ­­­Who knows, you might be the lucky one to win the grand prize this year!

by Lavina Israni


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