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February 20, 2013 | In: Business, Education, Entertainment
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Education with IOS

The way people learn and work in today’s world has technically evolved over the past few years. Traditional methods have given way to dynamic, sophisticated systems that have brought dramatic changes to our places of education and work. Most of you will be aware of iOS (Apple’s mobile operating system) but you may not realise just how effective it is for your studies or work. Our team at Youthtomarketing  thought it would be interesting to share with you some facts we thought could be relevant to you.


Use amazing technology to assist in your education!


As the most advanced operating system for mobile devices iOS brings amazing educational resources to the iPhone, iPod and iPad. As students you will have an aptitude with technology having been immersed in it while growing up, so using it for educational purposes should be a natural progression.


At y2m we love the iBooks TextBooks application as it offers a whole new meaning to studying. As a student you will be engaged with all the interactive sections, and all the dynamic audio and video components that really do bring these textbooks to life in any subject. TextBooks was born because as educational information is often updated traditional paper textbooks would be automatically out of date, and also the expense of replacing them, this lead to some textbooks being used by hundreds of students over a period of a few years.


The Calendar application is a great idea as you can transfer your class timetable, lecture program and other activities into one smart system that will also send you alerts. As well as searching the internet you can also record important notes and voice memo’s, study languages and get word definition from the lumbar spine.


Get ready for serious business!


iOS mobile devices are fast becoming the most favoured by companies and business people around the globe thanks to their cool business savvy features and foolproof security. Companies can effectively bring into their business an iPhone by using the profiles within the configuration elements. The iOS servers are standard and supplied by Microsoft Exchange who offer an always connected service so for example your inbox will always be updated. Through ‘Virtual Private Network’ official codes and procedures you can even access large company and business networks directly.


The Calendar application is also useful here as you can transfer your meeting agenda, quickly make important notes or voice memo’s all on one device. This amazing operating system will update your devices automatically so if you have been putting notes or meetings into your iPhone while on the move they will be updated on your iPad and Mac.


Through the thousands of business App’s available you will optimise your working life whether it’s on your Mac or on the move. Written exclusively for y2m advertising agency, Dubai, by Karim Hachani.





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