Some Cool Tech Items for our Dubai Youth in 2013!

December 31, 2012 | In: Technology


Here at Youth to Marketing Agency Dubai we are anticipating some cool tech products to be on the shelves in 2013, we figured our Dubai youth communities would be also so I have done a little research and found some rumoured possibilities.


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Xbox 720

For all the gamers among our Dubai youth I found out that the Xbox 720 will be the next console from Microsoft. The design is already done and the developers are currently creating some great new titles. Expect this on the shelves by November/December 2013.


Yes you have guessed Apple would be on my list. It is highly rumoured that the iPad 5 will be owned by many of our Dubai youth by next December. We said in our marketing agency that even though it feels like the iPad4 and mini have only just been released to consumers it will not stop you guys upgrading. It promises to be much lighter and even more slimmer with a sharper touch screen.


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Cool gadgets for Dubai youth

Great news! At long last as the new Blackberry 10 system should be in place by next month. This is a great boost for the company Research in Motion as they fell down the list of Smartphone makers in 2012 lagging behind Android and Apple. The reports are so far very positive and the browser is said to be super quick beating all other smartphones hands down.


Gesture control for tablets is not new but this little gem is a brilliant invention for those of our Dubai youth at work. Our marketing agency cannot wait for this little device to become available. It basically picks up your hand signals with out you having to touch your screen. It is incredible for those at work as you can answer your phone or even deliver a presentation with just the flick of your hand. On everyone’s wish list in our marketing agency!


There are lots more so I’ll keep you all posted as I suss out the coolest products we think our Dubai youth communities will love. Written by Karim Hachani for Youth to Marketing Agency Dubai.

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