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November 21, 2012 | In: Jobs
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Opportunities in advertising agencies by y2m


If you are creative and have a sales orientated mind then working for an advertising agency may be an ideal career choice. Having had experience my self working for a large full media advertising agency in central London I can see how the work has evolved in such a short space of time. Advertising agency work used to entail creating brands, strategies and buying time and space for the client. Thanks to social media and online marketing, advertising agencies now have a much broader spectrum of how to get the best exposure for their clients.


Fortunately for our Dubai youth this opens up a whole new career sector within an advertising agency as you guys have grown up in this digital world and are familiar with social networking more so than your peers. Most companies rely on the internet and social media to promote and sell their product or at least bring awareness to their business. Digital display advertising is now a huge part of how an advertising agency builds a brand, therefore it requires management in all areas from SEO, CRM right through to lead generation.


The opportunities are endless and quite well paid. A sales manager in an Advertising agency in Dubai can earn around £60,000 – £80,000 per annum. There are usually a lot of perks as well especially if you are lucky enough to work with some high end brands. Some top brands also have their own advertising departments in house so that’s another way into a high flying advertising career.


Working for an advertising agency can also be a career mover as there are so many directions to go, from PR through to media. I know many people who have gone on to work for clients, or large media corporations, and one person who is now working for a top television company in London. This industry will never die as brands will always need to be promoted and digital media will continue to advance.


Either way you look at it advertising is not a bad career move! You’ll never be out of work and the career paths are quite long and fruitful. Karim Hachani writing exclusively for YouthtoMarketing Agency Dubai.

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