Out with the Old, In with the New

Out with the Old, In with the New

By Eura Yuste

With September a stone’s throw away, it’s about time we start saying goodbye to our summer wardrobe and say hello to a fabulous Autumn 2012. Just like everything else, fashion trends are changing once again. Some of you, if not all, maybe looking into a change of wardrobe. After all, a new season is a fresh start. Another chance for a new image. A better you.

The designers have already done the shows and by now, their collections are already out for the public to see and devour on. But following the trends doesn’t mean that you’ll buy every single piece that is fashionable at this moment, just because the designers and stylists say so, or every fashion blogger in your region promotes them. Some statement pieces may look good on others, but may not look the same way on you.

Before you start throwing the clothes in your wardrobe and buy half of the mall, what are the trends to watch out for Autumn 2012? What styles and pieces will be fashionable? Which trend or piece will be making its come back? In layman’s terms, what clothes should I throw away and what should I keep in my closet?

Spending money on fashion is always exciting, but can get tedious and confusing. It would be such a pity to spend money on pieces that might just end up at the far corners of our closets if we do not choose what we buy wisely.

So, what should you be caught wearing for the next season?

Autumn 2012 has been greatly inspired by the boys and the girls of the schoolyard or more fashionably known as ‘School Girl Chic’. Think Clueless during the ‘90s, or for a more modern twist, Gossip Girl. Preppy may be another way to reflect this trend and is something we’ve seen come and go a few times in the last decade. But, it’s definitely more than that. Yes, we still go with the mainstream basics: plaid, tartan, skirts, and socks. Only this time around, these alone won’t do it. We need to spice things up a bit with more staples from this trend.

Here are some statement pieces that would easily blend in with your Fall wardrobe, without looking like school girls (and boys) who skipped class.

  1. The Blazer – This is probably the most versatile item for this season. You can pair them up with practically anything: shirts, tops, dresses, skirts, jeans�.the list goes on. The funkier the color, the better!
  2. The Button-up shirt – I can never define and reiterate how classic a button-up shirt is. It has gone through a lot of renditions in the past centuries. And each rendition is always more classy than the previous one. To add a twist this time around, choose mullet button-up shirts to add a dramatic effect.
  3. The Collar – Peter Pan collars are probably my most favorite staple piece this season because of how it can turn dull outfits into interesting ones. Whether it’s detachable or not, trust the elegance of this piece to get you through the day or even, the night.
  4. The Varsity Jacket – Who said only guys can wear varsity jackets? This trend has been revived so many times in the past couple of years and mostly worn by the ladies, but never fails to keep its laidback and cool look. For a movie night-out with friends or a coffee date in the afternoons, opt for a varsity jacket instead of a blazer for that laidback feel.
  5. Plaid – For a school girl (and boy) chic look, plaid is the most obvious way to reflect the trend. It is timeless and can be worn for all functions and purposes. It can look innocent, but at the same time rebellious. Who doesn’t love plaid?

Now that you have everything you need for next season. Are you excited? We definitely have a lot of retro stuff going on, so to keep things cheap and practical, you can always raid your mom’s or your grandma’s closet for vintage but timeless pieces. ;-)

But whether you will buy or raid, I say just enjoy dressing up for this season. Have fun. And whatever you do or wear, never forget that your confidence will outshine any item you have. And a smile is the best way to do that. Oh, and good posture too. ;-)


y2m is a youth engagement agency that was created to target and connect with fresh, trendy and young communities in the Middle East. In a nutshell, we understand their wants, needs, ways of communication, likes, dislikes, habits, interests and trends. Over the past decade, the marketing landscape has witnessed an epic revolution. Trends have shown Gen Y favor new media and consumer engagement at the expense of traditional marketing. This revolution, primarily led by youth, changed the rules of the game leaving brands, agencies & marketeers disconnected. Brand’s lack of understanding and disengagement with youth resulted in the inception of y2m led by a team of young professionals who firmly believe that the region’s youth is a force to reckon with.

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