Leading a Better Life: How to Master Your Time!


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Managing Time

As a busy marketing and advertising agency we know only too well about never having enough time. The key is to organise your time management in a scale of importance.


At y2m we want to help you gain more time with less stress and more relaxation. Here’s what we came up with below.


  • When anyone asks us to do something our initial reaction is to say yes, however just by saying no on the odd occasion will add valuable time to your day.


  • With all interactive social media sites alerting us constantly we can’t seem to resist responding. So turn off the notifications and check them when you do have the time, like during your lunch hour. This is also especially polite when being in a meeting with a group of people in a business capacity or in a social gathering.


  • Cut down your television viewing hours and only watch what you are really interested in, as by doing this you can have from 15 – 50 hours more a week for yourself.


  • We are a funny race when it comes to prioritising as we will arrange to meet a friend at a certain time and do everything in our power to be there, but we never seem to give other important things a schedule like doing personal accounts or going to the gym. These things in our life are left until we can fit them in. Set up a certain time for each thing and say no to things that step in the way and you’ll see a huge difference.


  • Ever heard the expression, I have got so much to do today? Why? The answer is because you haven’t prioritised. Try to focus on 3 to 4 important things and do each task thoroughly and then move onto the next! Multitasking can be stressful and disorganised. This will give you a chance to impress at work as well!


  • Responding quickly is in our nature but by slowing this down you will be giving yourself more time for the more important tasks in your daily life. Just remember to be polite at all times and say sorry I was finishing something important. The people around you will get the message and learn to respect you are an organised individual who has self management down to a tee, and most important a happier one.


Look to your successful peers and you’ll probably find that their time management skills have helped make them who they are today. Only you have the power to master your time!  Written and researched by Karim Hachani for y2m.


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