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Make way for another social network – Instagram!


Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger did not imagine that their simple, free-to-download application would earn them 1 billion US Dollars in the matter of a couple of years.

This is the story of Instagram, an extremely popular photo-sharing social network exclusively available for iOS and Android users. It has struck the social media world like a hurricane so hard, that recently, Facebook purchased Instagram for a whopping $1b in stocks and cash. This trend is one that cannot go unnoticed!

On paper, the idea behind Instagram is casual and simple. For those of you who are not familiar with it, Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing app that has been incorporated with a social network. It’s somewhat like Twitter – you follow people and they follow you, but instead of using 140 characters, you provide photo updates.

The app then enables you to add filters to your photos, use blurring options, add hash tags on your photos, and so on. Recently, Instagram also added the feature of geo tagging, where you can add locations to your photos, similar to Foursquare. Once you’re happy with your picture, Instagram also allows you to consecutively share your pictures on Facebook and Twitter.

The Instagram phenomenon speaks for itself. Statistically speaking, each second, 58 photos are uploaded. Also, each second, a new user is gained. So far, more than one billion photos have been uploaded. What’s interesting about this trend is that it is not only shaping social media trends world wide, but even in Dubai! Upon a quick search,
I found over 300,000 pictures with the hash tag #Dubai, followed by a little more than 15,000 photos with the hash tag #DubaiMall, and the third most popular Dubai-related hash tag is #DubaiMarina.

The best part about Instagram is that you do not have to be a photographer to upload good photos on Instagram. This works both ways, which also means that Instagramming all your pictures will NOT make you a photographer!

If you are a social person online who likes being artistic with photos, and then shares it with friends, then you must join Instagram as soon as possible. Not only do you get the option of making ordinary camera pictures stand out, but you also get to explore what others are uploading.

So, if you own any iOS or Android device, log into your respective app store and
become an Instagrammer today!

by Lavina Israni


y2m is a youth engagement agency that was created to target and connect with fresh, trendy and young communities in the Middle East. In a nutshell, we understand their wants, needs, ways of communication, likes, dislikes, habits, interests and trends. Over the past decade, the marketing landscape has witnessed an epic revolution. Trends have shown Gen Y favor new media and consumer engagement at the expense of traditional marketing. This revolution, primarily led by youth, changed the rules of the game leaving brands, agencies & marketeers disconnected. Brand’s lack of understanding and disengagement with youth resulted in the inception of y2m led by a team of young professionals who firmly believe that the region’s youth is a force to reckon with.

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