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December 30, 2012 | In: Technology
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Social media is changing the online world in a much invasive manner than expected. It has turned the way we search, share and probably the way we live our lives. It is hard to find young people who are not aware about Facebook or Twitter. The trend of Social Media sharing is not going to subdue for some time now. In fact, new mediums of sharing your life online are coming up every now and then. After Pinterest, we now have Instagram to ponder over.

Well, the way Instagram works is pretty simple. It is a photo sharing website at heart, albeit with a twist. Unlike most other web services out there, Instagram started out as a mobile app. It was originally available just on the iOS platform for devices like iPhone, iPad and iTouch, but with its increasing popularity on the iOS platform, it was made available on the Android platform via Google play. The thing is, Instagram is still available only for mobile devices and its website just leads you to downloading the app for your preferred mobile platform.

The USP of Instagram is its array of ‘Filters’. It is not like Instagram can process your photographs into something that no other software in the market can do. It is just the manner of ease in which these filters can be applied. With a single touch you can apply filters and the pictures come out to be of top notch quality. I am not talking about the usual sepia, tint and other basic filters. Instagram can do stuff that professional Photoshopper’s take several minutes to do. All this and more from your mobile device!

Let us go over a few Instagram features and how you can use them from an online marketing perspective:

  • Seamless Photo Sharing

With Instagram, you can not only share your photographs with other Instagram users, but also with your friends/followers on Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and Flickr! Just setup your Instagram account accordingly, and all your photo shares will be synchronized with other social media websites. Posting a photograph on social media websites might not convert the audience to buy your product/service, but it helps you gain exposure, engage your followers/friends/fan page followers.

  • Make the most of #hashtags

This is plain old tagging your photographs. Instagram uses the term ’hashtag’ for it. Nevertheless it is a powerful way to get people talking about your photographs. The only thing to bear in mind is that you should be specific with your hashtag. Do not make use of a broader term like ‘bike’ when you are targeting “Harley Davidson bikes”.

  • Use proper captions

If you want people to talk about your photographs, you got to put up something as a caption that gets the audience to start talking. How about putting up a question as a caption? It is one of the best ways to get people start talking about the picture.

  • Keep on posting

It is essential that you maintain a steady pace of your photograph uploads. Just sharing a picture once a month, never works. You can even give this task to a marketing agency if you feel that you don’t have enough time to post new images.


With availability of Smartphone’s sporting amazing cameras, clicking pictures all the time is a norm. Especially when it comes to young people, they have a lot of youth activities to speak about in the form of pictures. Pictures of youth activities like the morning lecture, the usual prank, lazy afternoons and the parties afterwards etc. There are several things that are captured in the form of photographs all the time. Why not share them? Instagram lets you do just that and more.


In a recent survey by Pew Internet and American Life Project, it was discovered that 67% of the youth, people between 18-29 years of age, share their photographs online. This is a clear indicator that Gen Y is all ready to share their day to day youth activities on the online world, via images and services like Instagram.


Then again, there is always a scope for Internet Marketers to use Instagram as a powerful tool to gain much needed social presence. You can very well go ahead and start learning the tricks of the trade and become a pro at Instagram marketing or you can go ahead and give that task to a professional marketing agency that will look after all your Instagram marketing campaigns. The marketing agency will not only take care of Instagram, but they are very well equipped to handle your complete gamut of social media marketing needs. The tips given in this article are golden. Go ahead and implement them on your own or get some marketing agency to work for you. Choose your poison!


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