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As the leading Youth Marketing Agency in Dubai, here at Youth2Marketing we are constantly focused on you, our Dubai youth and how to assist you in your success in the working world. From first time interviews to actually starting your new career we follow the trends here in Dubai to help you stand out from the business crowd. Below, our fashion expert from Youth2Marketing has compiled some top tips to ensure you not only look great but carry yourself in a confident, professional manner.

Success through Apparel

Success through Apparel

We know our Dubai youth crowd are fashion lovers but when it comes to business it’s all about grooming and composure. Lack of grooming will take away all the effort of looking well dressed in your new attire. Always keep an eye on trends as they constantly change especially for women, but the guys should look out for the latest jacket designs and polished sharp shoes are a must. We know as our elite Dubai youth you all have modern media so use fashion apps that give you the latest trends. Our Youth2Marketing expert expressed that carrying yourself well is just as important as it displays confidence and purpose.

Check out the organization carefully so your attire is appropriate. First impressions count, so don’t just dress to impress for your interview and then lapse into a more casual look. The clothes you choose should fit you well and compliment your own style, so if you love fashion and color add fashionable ties to your work collection. Another source for Youth2Marketing states that bold ties make a statement and will never date.

Success through Apparel

How to dress to stand out from the crowd

For the women of our Dubai youth heading into business choose good tailored skirts or trouser suits with co-ordinating shirts or high neck tops and shoes with low or medium heels. Red is not a color associated with business and neither is too much bling so keep jewellery light. Save the heavy makeup for parties but always have clean well manicured nails. Another good point is to never go to work or an interview with bare legs. We know it gets baking hot here but there are alternatives like light cotton trouser suits to keep you cool yet smart. As well, having a neat polished hairdo goes a long way.

Think smart be smart! You have the brains to be successful. All it takes is for you to use the right business attire not only will you make a contribution to any business but you will be recognized as a confident, serious player in your organization whether it’s small or large. Author Belinda Regan exclusively for Youth2Marketing.


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