How to Create a Good C.V.!

February 20, 2013 | In: Business, Jobs, Social
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Preparing a Good CV

Creating an attractive C.V. takes a lot of time and effort so our research team at y2m, your youth marketing agency in Dubai have collated some great tips and ideas below just for you.


Firstly you need to make a list of your key skills and your qualifications. Employers will be looking for what you can bring to the company or organisation, so don’t just fill it with lists and dates. You need to impress prospective employers with what you have accomplished even if it was working on a university magazine, having a part time job or completing an internship. If you have had any work experience at all it is imperative to add this as it proves you are ready and willing to join the workforce.


If you are fresh out of college or university and were involved as a leader or team player in a sport activity then add details to show your proven leadership skills. As respect from team members and to show you function well within a team environment will bring you plus points. Any involvement with non profit organisations, clubs or community charities add a nice touch as it shows you have credibility also.


Youth to Marketing Agency Top Tips:

  • Your photo and gender.
  • Always start with the most recent job, university or college with dates.
  • Use small but precise transitional paragraphs to add qualifications achieved, leadership skills or job description.
  • Internship or work experience.
  • Add a heading for clubs and organisations you are involved in and your role. This could be something like ‘Memberships of Professional Organisations’.
  • IT skills – Include software you have experience with and any other associated digital media you can implement into a working role. A marketing or advertising agency will be particularly looking for online marketing experience.
  • Achievements – This is your time to do a little bragging so add anything you have triumphed in.
  • Interests and Hobbies. In this section do not include your social life, so go in the direction of fitness, the arts, travel and media interests like film or theatre.


After your main points it’s always a positive idea to add a short paragraph with a sales pitch about yourself. Don’t brag too heavy, but you need to let employers know how you see yourself and what you can offer them? Finally you must prepare a cover letter to accompany your C.V. If you are sending it out to a particular company or organisation then try to find the name of the appropriate person so you can send it direct. This way it won’t get passed though different hands and you can be sure you have reached the right person, and hopefully get that major job interview. Good luck!


Written by, and researched with the help of the y2m team, your youth marketing agency in Dubai, signing off Karim Hachani.


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