How does one keep oneself motivated while in the gym?

February 20, 2013 | In: Health

You have to ask yourself this: Do I want to look good and feel good?


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Why did you decide to start going to the gym? Our team at Youth to Marketing Agency Dubai chose this subject because it’s a common fact that many people get bored of the gym. Many of us have enthusiastically bought that 6 months Gym membership only to begin finding excuses not to go! Below are our top ideas for keeping you motivated at the gym!


By setting yourself goals and making small improvements you will give yourself something to work towards. Don’t over do it in the beginning as your muscles need time to adjust to the new exercise plus remember you have all the time in the world to reach a great fitness level and maintain it. Going to the gym or classes should become a habit, just like any other activity you do on a regular basis. If the boredom does begin to seep in then change your routine and do something else like go for a bike ride, or take a class like Zumba to keep it at a fun level.


The most important factor is that exercise does make you feel good! Most of our team at Youth to Marketing Agency said that they actually feel low when they miss sessions. It’s a fact that if you introduce a few more minutes on the treadmill or another cardiovascular exercise when you return you will feel rewarded for the time you have missed.


Many people talk about having an ‘endorphin rush’ especially after exercise or even after eating hot and spicy food. Endorphins subsequently boost your self esteem, reduce stress, put you in a more positive mood and also raise your energy levels.

Making time to go to the gym can only bring you happiness, plus it even promotes a good night’s sleep!

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