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If you fit into our Dubai youth generation aged 16 – 25 then you probably grew up during a digital revolution where communication and technical gadgets have now become part of your everyday life, in general and at work. Here at YouthtoMarketing, Dubai’s leading Youth Marketing Agency we like to keep our Dubai Youth communities informed on the latest technical products so we did a bit of research to find out what’s buzzing in the technical  world of products for work.

Digital Revolution

Digital Revolution (Photo credit: charlesdyer)


As the prominent workforce you  now expect companies to incorporate social media and new media into their work places. Business’s that follow the latest trends in communication will be favored by you and those companies still using email as the main form of communication will be classed outdated. Our team at Youth2Marketing chose some funky yet useful products alongside the phone of the year to keep you ahead with some new technical solutions for work.


The AudiOffice by Invoxia is a speaker docking system with space for an iPad and iPhone that are used for video calls and standard calls that all comes through on a contemporary hand set. Conference calls and music have a crystal clear sound thanks to the built in acoustics. Everyone at YouthtoMarketing thought that many of you within our Dubai youth communities would love this sleek system on your desks.


It’s official that the Samsung Galaxy S3  was voted the top phone in the world 2012 beating the iPhone 4Sat the T3 awards. We know as our Dubai youth generation you would want to know as you only have to head down to one of the malls to see your eyes glued to your phones, so we thought it was appropriate you should know the trendiest phone of the moment.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 (Photo credit: Stereopoly Blog)


It has been stated by some of you within the Dubai youth work force that track pads are a pain! So here is the answer! This superb invention named the Arc mouse was created for laptops and notepads on the move. Thanks to its clever built in optical sensors you can adapt it anywhere you go. This is the ideal gadget for getting away from a frustrating track pad while on the move. Also great for space saving on a desk as it can be used on a chair arm or your knee! A cool product made from soft materials so it can also be carried easily.


This product brings a new revolution to the cool box. For those of you too busy to leave the work place for lunch the is like a mini compact fridge that keeps food fresh, and will even reheat any leftovers. This product is so compact it can be carried anywhere and it comes in fashionable bold bright colors.



As our elite Dubai Youth generation I thought you would enjoy a sneaky peak at what’s buzzing in the technical world of gadgets that will help to make your working day easier with a bit of fun thrown in. Karim Hachani keeping you informed through YouthtoMarketing.




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