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At our youth marketing agency we are always on the look out for the latest fashion styles and trends we think our Dubai youth should know about. Also as Dubai’s only youth marketing agency we know your tastes, so we sent one of our super trendy team to check out what’s new in the fashion world that we know you’ll love.


Celebrity style’s are in town and everyone is gong crazy about David Beckham’s’ BODY WEAR collection in H&M. There are some new seasonal items in the store now! The guy from our marketing agency absolutely loved the slouch style pyjama pants and the long sleeved top at just Dhs129 each, perfect for keeping you en-trend at home.


You either love them or hate them but there is no doubt that the Kardashian reality show queens have got heads for marketing. Their new fashion collection aptly named the Kardashian Kollection will be at the Dubai Mall from Thursday in Dorothy Perkins. The collection is a blend of all three of their styles so girls there will be something for everyone. The price tags are reasonable too, so even those of ourDubaiyouth fashionista’s still studying can afford a cool party dress.


Celebrate National Day with a chance to win Dhs5000 at the Mirdif Mall, Arabian Centre. Five lucky shoppers will get a chance to win their purchase wish up to Dhs5000 plus also the chance to win a further Dhs1000 worth of shopping vouchers if they are at the draw. The competition is open until December 2nd!


Thank our youth marketing agency for finding the perfect pair of jeans! We know our Dubai youth struggle to get the exact, fit, colour, shape etc so you’ll be amazed to know you can now design your own pair. The brand is called Nomo and offers a step by step service so you can buy those perfect jeans. You stand in a solarium type cubicle that measures you and then you choose the colour and style, from vintage blue to bright red. It only takes about 15 minutes; the only draw back is that you have to wait around 5 weeks for delivery, but well worth it! The team at our youth marketing agency have gone mad for this unique idea.


I love the design your own jeans idea, what a cool concept! So David is in town with the Kardashian sisters, how apt as they are all apparently friends over inL.A.I’m sure sales will sore especially as Christmas is almost upon us again! Keep following me as our Youth to Marketing Agency have lots more interesting stuff you as our Dubai Youth need to know! Karim Hachani


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