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November 29, 2012 | In: Jobs, Technology


A great report on why employers should admire our Dubai youth generation!


Our Dubai youth have been called selfish, indulgent, high maintenance, over confident and more. However it has been reported that employers are reaping the benefits of employing them as they have grown up in a technical world that is natural to them. The fact that our Dubai youth are savvy in social media is a huge bonus to any business. Business’s have now adapted to the changes of how they market their products, brands or do business by using effective modern technology.

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Work culture and environment for dubai youth


Our Dubai youth generation understands the capabilities of social media and how essential it is in every day business. As they have grown up in a digital world they are more adaptable than older generations and will instantly know the best options and up to date technology for your needs. They maybe a bit more demanding and have a work to live attitude but employers are now considering this a bonus. Giving them flexible hours, bonus’s and encouragement seems to be inspiring them to deliver great results.

Our Dubai youth are looking for jobs with lots of incentives and excellent working conditions. They are geared towards modern companies who think in today’s technical language and offer great prospects. They are ambitious and want to work for companies who are at the forefront of their game and fluent in digital media terminology and its uses. If you want to run a slick operation then you need our Dubai youth on your team.


As selfish as they sound our Dubai youth are very supportive of the communit

y and are often involved in charitable work. These kind of attributes also add to their career as it proves they work with value and purpose and practice (CSR). Our Dubai youth have grown up with no limits and experience of our multicultural world giving them a more tolerant attitude and acceptance to equality for all.


This worldly knowledge has given our Dubai youth generation a greater insight into how to do business with out boundaries which is a huge asset to any company. These employees have consumed advertising, information and technology since they were born which makes them experts in marketing and how to get the message across. These guys are ready for conducting business in the 21st century more so that anyone before. They know how to put innovative ideas in to play and have an understanding of the global economy.


Our Dubai youth are full of enthusiasm and dreams with huge optimism for the future. They are the future! Writing for Y2M UAE’s leading youth marketing agency.

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