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Before we start with this blog, if you haven’t seen Gangnam style yet.. watch it NOW!! No ifs or buts, just watch it ====> Original video: gangnam style

Ok, now that your hipster soul has been saved, we can begin:

Gangnam Style, created by Korean pop singer PSY and released in July 2012, this single took the world by STORM! So far it’s reached 249,774,127 views on youtube and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop exploding on our screens. Made famous by “The Horse Dance”

It has been shared on the internet by numerous celebrities including T-PainKaty PerryBritney Spears, and Tom Cruise, covered by others such as Nelly Furtado and Maroon 5, and has also been featured in international media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and CNN International.

People around the world have become Gangnamers creating memes around it : know your meme : gangnamstyle

In Dubai it’s also becoming extremely popular, the radio stations have started playing the song as a “hot new” single. Even a few clubs in dubai have picked it up.

We at y2m love Gangnam style :) check out the memes, enjoy.


gangham style memes

gangham style memes

gangham style memes

gangham style memes

gangham style memes


gangham style memes

gangham style memes


gangham style memes


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