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Well we all know about the benefits of healthy eating habits and if you don’t, a quick Google search will get you thousands of pages explaining just that. As much as we take care of what we should eat, we seldom think about the things we should avoid eating completely. Most of the times there is a healthier alternative to every unhealthy food item. Don’t be surprised to see some of the food items to avoid, that you previously THOUGHT were healthy.

Fat-less Peanut butter

This is one of the marketing agency gimmicks. With many getting health conscious, “low calorie” and “reduced fat” food items have become people’s choice. When it comes to peanut butter minus the fat, you are losing on all counts. The most nourishing part of any nut is its oil. In a bid to get rid of some fat, we lose all the good part of it and added sugar, preservatives do more harm than good. In fact, having an ounce of nuts everyday has great health benefits like reduced chance of getting a heart attack. So always opt for regular peanut butter.

Meal replacement chocolate bars

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Fruits can always be the best alternatives

The so called energy bars are in no way sufficient to replace your meal. They are advertised by any advertising agency as a healthy alternative to meals that help you lose weight. But again, these bars have high amounts of saturated sugars in them. They give you the feel that you are full, but in no way do they fulfill your daily nourishment requirements. Having fruits at regular intervals in the day will not only help you get the required nourishment, but will also help in losing weight.

Refined grain items

It is well known that refined flour is not that good for the digestive system. It does not have any fibers and this leads to problems like constipation. There is also a lot of confusion related to multigrain foods. Most of the time, people believe that they are whole grain food items. This is not the case, always make sure that you check the ingredients and look for keywords like “whole wheat” or “whole food” in multigrain food items. Always opt for whole grain food items as they have been associated with a number of health benefits like diabetes control and prevention of cancer.


Soda has been associated with multiple problems like cavity formation in teeth and reduction of bone mineral density. The entire calorie content of soda is derived from sugary fructose and this is the reason that leads to obesity. Any marketing agency will never sell soda based on any of the health benefits; the simple reason is that there are none! It is better to have some fresh fruit juice or even better, plain water.

Processed meat like Hot Dogs

Almost all of the calorie content of processed meat like Hot Dogs is courtesy, saturated fat. Heavy consumption of saturated fat leads to problems like increased risk of colon cancer and heart related ailments.

Processed vegetables and fruits

All canned fruits and vegetables are harmful to health no matter what the advertising agency puts up on the sticker. Always look for fresh veggies and fruits devoid of any harmful preservatives.


These were some of the food items that are just hyped to be nutritional by marketing agency and advertising agency to jack up the sales. Always look for the ingredients before you buy any food items.



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