Dubai Youth : Don’t Miss the Video Games Live Concert!

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Video Game Live Concert

A youth event in Dubai not to be missed is the Video Games Live concert coming to town on the 14th of December at The World Trade Centre. This amazing concert will include music by the UAE National Symphony Orchestra who will be playing tracks from all your favourite video games. This youth event promises to be spectacular with lots of imagery from the games also.


The co-creator of Video Games Live is Tommy Tallerico from L.A who has helped turn this amazing youth event into a successful show over the last 8 years. He stated that the whole concept of this challenge was to attract our youth generation into appreciating a symphony orchestra. The aim was to introduce our young gamers into the performing arts as a youth event away from the usual pop culture.


He picked up on the idea of this youth event after watching his cousin Aerosmith’s head man Steven Tyler perform in front of thousands of adoring fans. Tommy is the man behind some of those amazing game tracks like the Terminator, Pac Man and Mario. He figured that there are a lot of gaming and play station fans among our Dubai youth who will appreciate this amazing youth event.


A few years after watching his cousin he hit on another idea and hooked up with Activision and Aerosmith to create the famous Guitar Hero. Since then many pop acts and stars have seen themselves as action hero’s or evil contenders. At this youth event you’ll be seeing a lot of your favourites celebrated in this unique show.


He bases the show on what the audience want, and communicates this through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Our Dubai youth will be treated to tracks and images from games such as Warcraft, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy.


Tommy has spent 23 years in the gaming industry so he knows what makes great game music and focuses on the chaser and the one being chased. He has actually worked on the music of more than 300 hundred games, the most in the world so he is more than qualified to make this a memorable youth event in our city.


For the record his favourite game is Super Mario but he wants to hear from our Dubai youth communities, so start voting now on Video Games Live Me Facebook page. Tickets for the show are Dhs185 and the doors open at 1.30pm as there will be a pre-show party. The show itself will begin at 7.30pm then there will be an after show party where you will have the chance to meet Tommy.


This promises to be a fantastic collaboration between our Dubai Symphony Orchestra and gaming. To all our Dubai youth communities out there you should get your tickets pronto as I have a feeling this will sell out fast! Written by Karim Hachani for Youth2Marketing Dubai.




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