Dubai Disappears in Fog

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Dubai in fog


A natural sight that only introduces itself to the super early riser able to admire the setting from a high rise happens in Dubai twice per year when the seasons change. For a few days each year, thick and low fog envelopes Dubai, one of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

What exactly causes this natural phenomenon?

The fog forms at night because of the difference between high humidity and high temperatures during the day. Each year around this time the temperature begins to fall and humidity meets cooler air, forming the heavy fog.  The fog is an indication for the much anticipated season change, from hot summer heat with over 40 degrees Celsius temperatures to the much cooler and pleasant winter months.

The fog “eats up” the city up and makes it look like a scene from a science fiction movie. Roads, buildings, and construction sites disappear and nature creates a surreal and impressive picture of Dubai. According to a longtime Dubai resident who works for an advertising agency in a building high above the city, people can smell the fog and feel it in the air before they even see it.

Fog causes chaos in Dubai

advertising agency, fog in dubai, driving safe, fog

Traffic affected by fog

While the fog in Dubai leaves spectacular views for visitors and for those living in high rises above the cloud line, it also leaves part of the UAE with virtually no visibility in the morning, causing chaos on the roads and delaying flights. In some parts of Dubai, traffic comes to a complete standstill as motorist struggle to make their way to work. Conditions remain hazardous late into the morning as the heat of the day slowly burns away the fog. Visibility during foggy conditions can reduce by 80% and drivers are warned to be extra alert on the roads.

According to the Emirates Driving Institute, motorists should consider these tips when driving in foggy conditions:

-          Slow down and keep distance from the other vehicles. Most fog-related accidents occur due to over-speeding and driving too close to other cars.

-          Use low beam lights or fog lights to be seen by other drivers.

-          Don’t speed, even if you get used to driving in the fog.

-          Use windshield wipers and demisters.

-          Allow yourself plenty of time in the morning.

-          Pull into a nearby garage or parking lot if there is limited visibility.




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