Cool Youth Activities to do in Dubai this week!

For our young adventurous Dubai youth our sporty guys from our youth marketing agency have been looking for some cool youth activities to try this week. We know a lot of you are keen gym goers or belong in a team sport so we thought we’d look at youth activities for a pure adrenalin rush and an exciting experience.


If you like the water sports then you’ll love kite surfing! Dubai has a club called Kitefly that offer courses for total beginners. First of all

youth activities

Kite Surfing in Dubai

they give you a 3 hour land lesson to get you used to the kite and how to handle it and then you head for the water experience. The guys from our marketing agency said this is definitely one of those youth activities that you will never forget. It’s not cheap at Dhs900 for both courses but we think most guys in our Dubai youth communities will find it exhilarating.


Arabia Horizons have a number of fun youth activities on offer but we loved the idea of the dune buggy. This experience puts off road driving in a different aspect. The single seat buggy’s are 849cc so you can really pick up pace while challenging your driving skills. They offer morning, evening and evening safaris with a

Youth activities

Scuba diving

BBQ included. The team at our marketing agency thought the evening safari would be a great birthday idea to share with friends. Prices from Dhs350


The ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ course at the Al Boom diving centre is one of our great youth activities for those who do not have a lot of time as it’s only a one day course. When you get to the open water dive you have various choices including the Dubai Aquarium. You don’t get a full licence but they offer plenty of Padi courses. Al Boom are based in Jumeirah, check out their website


Above are three new youth activities to try out that promise to be a great experience. The guys from our marketing agency are already planning their dune buggy birthday parties! Written by, Karim Hachani for Youth Marketing Agency Dubai.

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