Chilled Youth Activities in Dubai!

December 19, 2012 | In: Entertainment


Our team at our youth marketing agency decided to check out some more chilled out youth activities to try this week. When you finish a busy week of work or studies sometimes it’s nice to do something relaxing whether it is alone or with friends. According to our experts at our youth marketing agency our Dubai youth do enjoy more relaxing youth activities from time to time.

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Third Line Gallery


Seemingly Art galleries are the place to be seen as they give off a sense of sophistication and intelligence. Our up and coming Dubai youth not only want to stay on top of the tech world but are now incorporating Arty youth activities into their spare time and at the same time impressing their peers. Our colleague from Youth to Marketing Agency visited the Third Line Gallery that displays stunning contemporary Middle Eastern art by our very own Ebtisam Abdulaziz. This is cool stuff and worth checking out! Located in Al Quoz, the Courtyard, between Marlin Furniture and Spinneys


Why not relax the mind and body and try a therapeutic yoga class at Zen Yoga in Dubai Media City. Yoga is all about the relationship between the body and mind, and is said to be a great stress healer. This yoga club is ideally located for those working in a large media, advertising or marketing agency, as you could even have a distress at lunchtime. They have every single yoga class you can imagine so there is something for everyone. Located in the BBC building, tel: 04 367 0435.


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Atlantis Underwater Greek ruin

One of our most pleasurable youth activities is to wander around one of our great under water achievements. You simply forget everything except how amazing our underwater world really is. Our Dubai Mall and Atlantis the palm have the two largest aquariums in the world. The Lost Chambers on Atlantis holds 11 million litres of water and houses an incredible 65,000 species. This venue offers a theatrical atmosphere as it is designed in style of Atlantis the lost Greek city that sank in the ocean after a failed attack onAthens.


So whether you like to take in a bit of local culture, de-stress your mind or simply enjoy one of Dubai’s indulgent projects these are all chilled out youth activities to enjoy in your spare time. Wrote by Karim Hachani for Youth2Marketing.


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