Dubai Youth : Are you a Gadget Geek or Cool Consumer?


As our Dubai youth gen y sector we thought you would be interested to know what’s been in the news this week regarding our obsession with the latest technology and how to save some cash while staying in trend.

This is a photo showing Dubai Media City in Du...

This is a photo showing Dubai Media City in Dubai, United Arab Emirates as seen from the air on 1 May 2007. The main buildings in Dubai Media City are the three buildings in the upper right. New skyscrapers within Dubai Media City are in the center of the photograph. A few of the buildings in Dubai Marina are on the left. A part of the campus of the American University in Dubai is in the bottom right corner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Expert trends in genetics Scientist Gerald Crabtree said this week that our obsession with technology communications is making some of us more stupid. An unhealthy obsession can be bad for the brain, but wouldn’t make you stupid surely! Unfortunately for him technology is here to stay and in Dubai we need it.

As the gen y era of Dubai youth we have grown up in an electronic world that is not our fault and a fact is that technology companies have created millions of jobs!
We discussed this statement at Youth2Marketing and decided that the only issue is that many products are manufactured with planned obsolescence in mind so we are forced to keep up dating our favourite items with out thinking about it!

Are manufacturers being fair to us? Already within just a few short months the iPad 4 could be replaced by the iPad 5 as Apple are rumoured to be in talks to recreate and improve this technology as the competition gets tough against the Android market. So what do we do about it? Break the bank or stay with an item out of date! At Youth2Marketing we decided that it’s actually not that cool to keep upgrading after all. Great news for our Dubai youth crowd as the pressure to keep upgrading appears to be off!

You only have to walk down a street in Dubai or hit one of the many malls and we see you, our Dubai youth generation attached to some kind of communication device!
So we figured buy a decent product that fulfils your needs and keeps you connected with your friends, the internet and Apps compatibility but don’t upgrade straight away unless it’s free with your provider. Wait for at least 18 months before upgrading as there will probably have been at least 4 models developed during this time. We recommend that you recycle on websites like eBay, plus you can also buy great products on the net that are in good condition.

Image representing eBay as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

So where your electronic items are concerned think about recycling as it is so easy now. There are many websites who’ll take your old products off your hands and also offer up to date products where you can save yourself some cash. At Youth2Marketing we love, they have some great deals.

So, cool consumers save money while at the same time stay in trend with good quality technology. There is clearly no need to rush out and buy the latest upgrade as soon as it hits the shops, unless you are of course an obsessed gadget geek!

The latest news and views brought to our cities Dubai youth sector on behalf of Youth2Marketing. By Karim Hachani

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