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Canadian heartthrob makes his first appearance in UAE!



No matter how much we loved or hated it, many of us remember humming to “Baby,Baby, Baby, Oh” as it dominated the charts in early 2010.

Soon, there was no looking back for the teenage pop star Justin Bieber, who was discovered in 2008 via his viral YouTube videos. Today, besides winning various musical awards and having an insane fan following, the 18-year-old Canadian singer has been listed by Forbes as the third-most powerful celebrity in America. He is also reported to have earned more than $50m in the past year.

His popularity is so powerful, it was bound to reach this part of the region. As you can guess, it has been officially announced that Justin Bieber is coming to the UAE!

With his irresistible looks, it’s not hard to predict that his fan following generally consists of pre teens and young teenage girls. And boy, these girls surely do know how to shower their idol with love! After many months of campaigning on social media websites, these fans have finally gotten Justin Bieber to host his first concert in the Middle East next year. Biebermania is finally all set to touch down Dubai on May 4 2013, as the superstar will be performing in Dubai Sevens Stadium.

To the expectations of the event organizers, the concert has received an unbelievably positive response by the fans in Dubai. In fact, what took pop icon Jennifer Lopez 12 days to accomplish, teen sensation Justin Bieber achieved in less than a day! On the first day, 6000 people pre-registered for Justin Bieber tickets. It took two weeks for the organizers to reach that number for Lopez’s concert. Within a couple of days, the number for Bieber’s concert’s pre registration rose up to a staggering 10,000. Pre registration for the show has already started, and tickets will be on sale at 9AM on September 23, 2012.

Whether you like it or hate it, the Bieber mayhem has clearly taken over the city! With the initial response being so strong, we can’t help but imagine what a storm Biebermania will bring to Dubai next year!

Lavina Israni


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