A Glance at Working Online for dubai youth!

November 28, 2012 | In: Jobs, Technology


There are so many opportunities in working online in Dubai that I really don’t know where to begin. But as it is now essential for many business’s I felt it was necessary to write a bit about it and the potential it has as a career for our Dubai

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Working online and creating a virtual office.

youth. For a start the words marketing agency and advertising agency now mean so much more. This business arm is bringing in revenue, for stores, brands, tourism, dating sites, real estate, gaming, airlines and so much more.


Online marketing has also created a new career path for those of you working within either an advertising or marketing agency or who are savvy about online marketing tools. You all know about SEO, PPC, CRM, and social media etc. well, the good news is that these areas are creating jobs for our Dubai youth. The beauty about this is that you can work for an advertising agency or marketing agency but you do not need to be in the office. The virtual office is becoming more and more popular and is proving to be a lucrative career move.


An advertising or marketing agency will now have special online departments as do many brands. Thousands of people are now employed working online, promoting or selling businesses and products, which in turn has created some great jobs for our technical minded youth. Creating business or helping to convert sales online via e-commerce is a massive window of opportunity to earn revenue for any business. It’s also a great way to work in between jobs or supplement your current salary as you can work for someone in another time zone who needs your expertise for example.


The online marketing departments housed within our advertising and marketing agencies cover anything from affiliate marketing, social media to e-commerce. Look at Amazon, they used to sell mostly music and books and now look at all their affiliates. It’s a massive market and that market needs our Dubai youth who are so clued up on how it all works.


Internet marketing blends with all companies now so you guys have the technical ability to never be out of work. An advertising agency or a marketing agency today relies on the internet to be a huge window for their clients and brands. Customer engagement is the most important aspect but your technical and social media skills would be an asset to any brand or business.


As Y2M are Dubai’s only youth marketing agency I’ll bring you more on this subject but for now it’s an option as a career path if you have the technical knowledge. Writing for and on behalf of Y2M exclusively, Karim Hachani.

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