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Jones the Grocer

In the midst of a concrete and patchouli forest that is Dubai, comes Jones the Grocer, fairly new and already a favorite of foodies and the general public alike.

Dark gray and black walls and high rise ceilings darken the atmosphere at Jones, although, giant glass windows ensure a flood of natural light and livelihood inside Jones during the daytime and street lights of the oh-so beautiful Sheikh Zayed Road radiates the atmosphere in the eve. A step across the threshold and you’ll be immediately welcomed with gracious smiles and a table ready (if you’re wise enough to make a reservation beforehand).

Around the store/restaurant are tall shelves stocked with an array of cooking oils, spices, herbs, frozen pastas, beverages and plenty more household groceries imported from all over the globe.

Jones the Grocer is an Abu Dhabi thing, let’s not forget. About 5-6 stores in Abu Dhabi had opened before the owners decided to open a branch in Dubai, but the wait was, for sure, worth it.

An oversized bottle of Voss artesian water and a plastic flower sitting in a ceramic vase greets you at your table, overlooking their cheese freezer and the ‘Taste of the Day’ corner. Did I mention they have a massive collection of cheeses from all over? Yes, cheese lovers may take a breath to digest that fact.

Their menu is not too kind to vegetarian diners, but it does not ostracize them completely. It has a varied selection of fresh sandwiches available all day, and my absolute personal favorite; the wild mushroom risotto is the always the highlight of my meal. Perfectly cooked rice served soaked in cream and mushroom sauce with wild mushrooms and lightly toasted bread, it is for sure a dish to try.

Portions and the prices for the items off the menu are quite proportional to each other. Only things off the menu that’s a tad hiked up, price-wise, are the desserts. Then again, the quality of light-as-air macaroons, the perfectly smooth texture of the cheesecake and the superbly glazed crème Brule are all worth the price.

A definitive must-visit, Jones the Grocer will leave a sweet after-taste on your tongue that lasts long after your visit, and that will ensure you come back to this resto-grocer again and again till your bank account is eventually drained.

by Pavan Premaney


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