10 ways to make money online for students

February 11, 2013 | In: Jobs

Our marketing agency Youthtomarketing found 10 ways for our student sector to earn easy money online. Below we have come up with some great options to earn while you learn with out giving up too much of your spare time!

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Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing:

Editing and article or document writing on a virtual level can be a lucrative and interesting way to earn cash aside from your studies. The popular sites like Freelancer and Odesk have thousands of registered companies looking for virtual writers. The cash may be low in the beginning but once you get established and create a good profile you can negotiate a higher fee. Most of these companies are advertising and marketing agencies based in the US but Odesk covers most countries and has a great reputation.



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Web Services

Web design/programming – creative designs

If you are studying in areas of creative designs and multi media then designing websites and web scripting on a virtual platform can provide you with a great income. Plus you will be practising your field and be able to add your clients to your resume. The above virtual online platforms also have plenty of work in these areas of expertise.



Gaming and getting paid for it!

Yes! You can game and get paid! Your spare time gaming could be lucrative as companies are always on the look out for young gamers to try out new products and give reviews before they release them. A dream job for some while having fun! Apply direct to respected gaming sites or check out the category on virtual working sites.


blogging, marketing agency, ways to make money, online work



Interesting blogs are an easy way to captivate your audience! Your content needs to be attractive to viewers that will generate organic traffic! You can monetise your blog by incorporating Google adsense as when viewers click on the ads you get revenue. Free blog platforms are available through Google, WordPress, and Weebly. But research well!

Earn cash to listen to music online!

Yes it’s true! Certain companies like Sony will pay you to listen to music about to be launched. They need your feedback as it helps them to finalise any additional changes that need to be done to the final track. SonyMusicAwards and Promosquad are great sites to get work!



blogging, marketing agency, ways to make money, online work

Online Surveys

There are a few scammers in this are but also some good honest companies who need you to undergo online surveys. You won’t get rich at this kind of work but you will get free products and it is fun.



It’s quite easy to offer your services as a reviewer on sites like Review Stream that need guys like you to write a review of their product, plus they will pay for the review plus any comments that emerge from it!


Email Response Handling

Many companies’ especially online ones do not have the time to handle the capacity of their inbox. There are loads of these jobs on the reputable websites we have recommended above. Easy and quick but usually a set price for so many hours, but still easy work!



blogging, marketing agency, ways to make money, online work


There are a multitude of website developers that need their sites translated in order to target there audience in a specific language. As Arabic is spoken in a vast amount of states and countries this work is ongoing. You can offer an extra twist by knowing the culture and help them develop their site to attract the right people giving you an extra angle to earn more!

Affiliate marketing

Slightly more complicating but get a free or cheap website done with free hosting and market someone else’s product. SEO is needed to attract traffic to your site which can get complex but once it’s indexed and getting sales you can be on an easy earner!
All the above are in a nutshell and need to be explored, but we feel at Youth2marketing these are feasible ways to gain surplus cash while adding valuable experience to your resume. Any employer will be impressed at using your initiative to gain experience while showing ambition.

Written and researched by Karim Hachani exclusively for y2m,a youth marketing agency.














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