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January 2, 2013 | In: Jobs

job-interviewIt doesn’t matter if you are a fresher or are looking for a job that is much better than your current job; an interview is something that has always been important. The traditional old interviews, one on one basis are a thing of the past. The kind of acuity that modern day job interviews expect is several notches higher. It doesn’t hurt to have a few handy tips to help you sail through those nervous moments. Let me list a compilation of the 10 handy tips you can make use of in an interview:

1. Background check

The business model in the current times is very complex. We no more have an isolated organization that has little do with other companies. The current organizations have multiple partners, regular mergers and acquisitions, and a pretty complex organizational structure. You need to do your homework about the company, its partners, mission, vision and the code of ethics that are being followed by them

2. Make good use of LinkedIn

Well, social networks can not only be used for leisure, but also for making some official connections. There is a very good chance that you know someone who works for the company you are targeting to get in. Learn all you can about the company from him. If the guy commands a higher post, he might even put in a reference for you. If you work in the advertising industry, get your ideas up on linked in and if they are interesting, you will surely get at least one advertising agency take notice of you.

3. Punctuality matters

Simple thing, but the impact is big. Although it might not earn you the job, if you are not punctual, you are going to lose it for sure.

4. Exude confidence

Don’t ever give the impression that you are at their disposal. If it helps, go and read some self-help books on self respect before the interview day. Maintain proper eye contact, and exchange a firm handshake. After all, you will get it only if you think that you are capable of getting it.

5. Right attire for the right occasion

Nothing fits better than a suit in an interview. The thing with suits is that they help bring in a world of confidence in the person wearing it. You got to look sharp and professional all the time.

6. Keep your nervousness at bay

You will have to keep your nerves in check. In the end it is just an interview, and if you are unable to crack this one, you will always have another chance. Confidence is the key; you will have to believe in yourself.

7. Listen carefully

Interviews these days are conducted by more than one person. You will have to listen and interpret what kind of signal the interviewers are sending across and act accordingly. Keep your ears open, especially if you are appearing for an interview with an advertising agency. The interviewers in any advertising agency are very sharp and they might say something, but the meaning might be altogether different.

8. Have some questions

Just answering the interviewer’s question will give an idea to the interviewer that you want this job just for the sake of having one. Prepare some questions for them, regarding the job, the company, anything at all.

9. Have some stories

Nothing gets the audience interested than a story. There is no harm in answering in statements, but just add a story to it and Bam! You just got them engrossed. For example, if you are applying for a job in a marketing agency, tell them a story about your first sale. This is a great way to let the marketing agency know about your skills in marketing.

10. Leave a contact card

Never forget to carry your bunch of contact cards. Make sure that you have enough to hand over to all the interviewers.


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